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Where’s Pinkie?

Do not be alarmed — Pinkie is not lost. I’m only playing a game. I was inspired by Mum’s new shirt, which reminds us of Where’s Wally? (aka Where’s Waldo?). Pinkie, Dad and me have no problem finding her when she wears it.

Mum, Where's Wally?

Can you see Pinkie in these photos?


Okay, this one is easy, even for humans.

There's a big hint in this photo.

There’s a big hint in this photo.

This is not bad camera technique. This is Mum being full of art. Can you see Pinkie?

Breaking news…

Though our napping schedule keeps us very busy, we have found time to join the Facebook. This blog is full of serious, so we have decided we needed a different place to share amusements we see on the internets. Mum thinks we are spreading ourselves too thin. (For your information, Mum, Pinkie has been stealing many of my crunchies, and he definitely is not too thin.) We are so new and so lonesome on the Facebook. Will you please ‘like‘ our page? KTHXBYE!


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