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Tactics 101: How to Get in the Way of Your Human’s Work – Part 1

Here are some tried-and-tested tactics that will force your humans to work less and therefore have more time to pander to your needs. You’re welcome.

Sing. Sing out loud. And often.

If you have weepy eyes, rub your face all over her laptop.
This tactic can also be employed if you *don’t* have a contagious eye condition.

No explanation necessary.

Drape yourself over your human’s forearm while she types. This will be uncomfortable for both of you at first. However, you come out on top because she will eventually give up on trying to meet a deadline and will cuddle you to console herself.

In our household, the iPad is used for play rather than work.
I use it as a place of rest. I have renamed it the iMat.

Purrs…x Possum

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