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I Beseech You to Give Me Some Cheese!




Making Faces

Pinkie's Smile

I iz teh face of evil!

Tee-hee! I iz joking! I iz teh face of fun! Right, Possum?


Wrong. But I will say you have a funny face. :p

Pinkie’s Ottoman Empire

Pinkie's Ottoman Empire

Pinklepurr rules his ottoman chair with an iron claw.
“No can has, Possum!”


Mum and Dad had a special ottoman built just for Pinkie.

Well…they had it specially made for themselves, but Pinkie quickly took ownership of it. I am not allowed on it. This is okay by me, though, because the rest of the house is my empire. Silly Pinkie!

By the way, Pinkie got in trouble yesterday after he chased another cat and lost his collar. Usually, when Mum and Dad yell at Pinkie, I give him a swipe with my paw to help teach him a lesson. But I had mercy on him because it was Sunday and I didn’t want to get off the couch.


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