Which one is which?

Possum is the small fawn-coloured one. Her brother-from-another-mother, Pinklepurr, is the black cat.





What breed is Possum?

Possum is an ocicat, but she was considered by the breeder to be a failure because she didn’t turn out as expected. Ocicats are a relatively new breed that initially came about as result of crossing Abyssinians with Siamese. Successful ocicats have short coats with ocelot-like spots. Possum has a double coat of brown ticked fur, with a white chin and a dark stripe along her back that runs from head to tail. She is perfect. And very successful.

Pinklepurr is an Australian domestic shorthair.

Both are spayed/neutered. Thought we’d throw that info in there just in case you were about to ask about stud fees.

What kind of name is ‘Pinklepurr’?

Pinklepurr was named by his original owner, who found him as a stray in country Queensland. She named him after a cat in an obscure poem. Pinklepurr responds to variations like Pinkie, Pinkle, Purklepink, Rinklepurr, the Purr, Seal. Despite his name, he is not predominantly pink and he rarely purred until a few years ago.

What are their personalities like?

Possum is shy around strangers. Amongst friends (well, pretty much only around Mum and Dad), she can be gregarious, playful and extremely talkative. As a kitten, she loved to fetch pistachio nuts and walk on a leash. Now that she’s older (fourteen on January 27, 2013), she will jump at and chase after pistachios, balled-up bits of paper and bells. Fetching, though, is now out of the question, having witnessed déclassé canines engaging in this activity. When she’s not playing, she is a serious lapcat. She’s known in the household for choosing the most unlikely and uncomfortable places to nap. With the exception of Pinkie, she doesn’t like other cats, especially those with fluffy tails, and has a particular disgust for dogs. But even though she hates dogs, she sometimes barks.

Pinklepurr is approximately a year older than Possum — we’re really not sure. He used to be quite the stand-over man in our neighbourhood, stealing other cats’ food. Old age (not to mention the course of female hormones he was given by vets to calm him down when he was about five) has tamed him. He’s now very placid and gentle, and prefers to sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep in that order. However, he’s still fiercely protective of his little sister, Possum. Pinkie enjoys being taken for walks to the local park. He loves dogs and people. A vet once described him as being as tough as a “malley bull.”

What are their favourite toys?

Pinkie’s not one for playing with toys, though occasionally a shoelace or ribbon can mesmerise him for about 10 seconds.

Possum will make a game out of anything. She loves toy mice that contain rattles (the ones allegedly made of rabbit fur), paper, ribbons, pens, gumnuts (from a gumtree). If a cupboard is open, she must get in it. Any shoebox or Possum-sized box that is brought into the home will become her plaything for at least a week.

What do they eat?

Due to a medical condition, poor Pinkie can only eat vet-prescribed food. Possum does not like to eat meat presented in an unprocessed form (i.e. fresh whole sardines, prawns, chicken wings, but diced lamb is okay). Quite by accident, we found she loves broccoli and corn on the cob. We have video proof of the latter, btw! As a treat, they are given raw meat once a week. They also love cream and have learned to distinguish between a carton of cream and a carton of milk.

Do you let your cats out at night?

No. They are strictly supervised in the backyard during the day, and at night, we lock them inside. Once, though, Possum was accidentally locked out when we were in the midst of a messy renovation. We found her the next morning huddled outside the back door with a T-bone she’d dragged from God knows where.

Do they cough up a lot of furballs?

Yes, and they usually leave them in doorways and high-traffic areas — generally, wherever a bare human foot is going to plant itself when stumbling around in the middle of the night. The blog name, P & P Furball Factory, is a play on the band C+C Music Factory, members of which P+P’s mum met while working at a cinema (and C+C undoubtedly have no recollection of that).

Who’s P & P’s official photographer?

For the most part that would be Mum, armed with little more than an iPhone 5 and a number of filter apps.

Can I visit them?

Unfortunately not. We are thinking of taking in blog guests in future. (Note from Possum: “We’ll have to get Mum and Dad’s permission, if only to make them feel important.”)


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