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Compulsory Rest Stops

Pinkie and me have been very busy helping Mum with her writing job. She works very hard. I am afraid for her occupational health and safety. She must take proper rest breaks wherever and whenever possible. Here is a sample of my recommended break schedule:


2:00 – 10-minute nap


2:15 – 10-minute nap


2:30 – 10-minute nap



Last Chance on the Stairway?

Definitely not the stairway to heaven.

This is not the stairway to heaven.

Hello. It’s Possum here! Yes, I have fully recovered from yesterday’s high-speed collision with the glass door. Mum and Dad took very good care of me. They promised not to send Pinkie away to the circus for his role in my accident.

Duran Duran fans will recognise the title of this post as that of track 7 on Rio, one of Mum’s favourite albums. We know the lyrics of every song by heart. If only we could sing instead of yowl. We enjoy dancing to the xylophone interlude, though.

Another song on that album is Hungry Like the Wolf. Mum has to resort to listening to this tune on headphones so as not to upset Pinklepurr, who has an acute wolf phobia. How did he develop this problem? Unlike myself, Pinkie watches a lot of television. Over a year ago, he, Mum and Dad were glued to a documentary called The Rise of Black Wolf. Pinkie believed the ferocious wolves were right outside our house. He was most concerned. No one could convince him that the wolves were inside the television. Consequently, he refused to go into the garden for an entire week. He is okay now, but really, best not to mention the ‘W’ word to him. Ever. Again. Cat therapy is expensive.


Possum Can Has CAT Scan?

Hello, mates! Iz me — Pinkie! My little sister, Possum, has a skull ache after slamming into a sliding glass door. Iz all my faults. Running away from me she was. Very glad she did not break the glass. Would’ve had to get the job in the cat circus to pay for it. 😦

At first, Possum cried like a big babeh.

But don’t worryz — she iz okay nao and sitting on Mum’s lap…like a big babeh.
I must makes sure she tells Mum that a saucer of cream iz bestest medicine for both of us.
No needs for scanning of cats in hospital, please, thank you.


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