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Staring Contest

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We’re Back!

Please excuse our absence on the internets during the past few weeks. Mum was very ill with the flu.  We nursed her back to health and we’re glad we did not fall victim to her disease.


Here I am demonstrating the well-known ‘dead weight’ treatment. It is especially useful for guardians who have been ordered to rest. Simply drape yourself on the sick guardian with little regard for their comfort. They will soon grow numb anyway.


Goodbye, flu. Don’t come back.

It’s What We Do

People sometimes ask me, “What exactly do you and Pinkie do at the Furball Factory, Possum?”


Well, apart from the extensive activities we’ve shown you over the year so far, we produce furballs. There is great demand for them. You can make wonderful crafts such as jewellery, mittens and bikinis.


This is not a guinea pig. It’s not cotton candy either.
No, this is the fruit of our labours.


Here I am hard at work manufacturing a furball. Pinkie is performing a close inspection to ensure the furball is up to scratch. And it is.


Indeed we are skilled at regurgitating fur, but a more hygienic method of extraction involves an expensive grooming tool that is full of amazing — the FURminator!


We do not condone using the FURminator like this…


…or like this*.


*No cats or parts thereof were harmed during the filming of this blog.

Possum, You Has a Flavour!


But…your fur does not taste kwite as gud as teh crunchies. Soz. xPinkie

Inside Out


That’s not a great look for you.

inside out

But I hears you much betterer with my ears inside outs, Possum!

Beautiful Strangers


Think you can fool me with this poor representation of a mouse?
I wasn’t born yesterday, sonny. Matter of fact, I was born 19 years ago!

Meet Cousin Elsa. At 19, she’s justified and she’s ancient, and in the words of Pinklepurr, quite a “foxy lady.”

Many people are obsessed with converting cat years into human years, so for your benefit, I have figured out Elsa is 93. Soon she will qualify for a telegram from the Queen. I have a ways to go before my 100th birthday — I am only 73 after all.

Here is some important information on how to take good care of 73-year-old cats, which I intend to show Mum and Dad ASAP. I don’t have a second to lose at this rate!


Pinkie’s Treasure Chest


I has found teh treasure chest of golden ballz!

Talk a lot.

No can has, Pinkie!!!! That’s chocolate, and chocolate is full of danger for cats.
We must give it to Mum immediately. She will know what to do with it…


Bummerz. Well, thank u for saving one of my nine lives, Possum.
I iz very glad dere iz a plastik force-field around teh dangerous golden balls.

To find out which foods are full of danger for cats, click here. You are welcome.


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