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Staring Contest

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It’s What We Do

People sometimes ask me, “What exactly do you and Pinkie do at the Furball Factory, Possum?”


Well, apart from the extensive activities we’ve shown you over the year so far, we produce furballs. There is great demand for them. You can make wonderful crafts such as jewellery, mittens and bikinis.


This is not a guinea pig. It’s not cotton candy either.
No, this is the fruit of our labours.


Here I am hard at work manufacturing a furball. Pinkie is performing a close inspection to ensure the furball is up to scratch. And it is.


Indeed we are skilled at regurgitating fur, but a more hygienic method of extraction involves an expensive grooming tool that is full of amazing — the FURminator!


We do not condone using the FURminator like this…


…or like this*.


*No cats or parts thereof were harmed during the filming of this blog.

A Few of Possum’s Fa-vour-ite Things


A little bit of cream on Sundays.

pet mouse

My pet mouse.


Playing stair games with my pet mouse.
My mouth is wide open and ready to trap him.

Cat treats

Heart-shaped treats. Treats of any shape are always welcome.


This? This is NOT my favourite thing. It was my birthday present, but it is full of suck because it has a fluffy tail. It is now Pinkie’s favourite thing.

Biting the Hand that Feeds Us


I am 14 years and two days old today!


Mum still hand-feeds me special crunchy treats.


Pinkie always goes the extra mile to get his daily crunchy treat. Here he is standing on his hind legs as if he’s a meerkat and not a mere cat.

Mum apologises for the blurry shots — it was hard for her to take photos while trying to avoid being punctured by our fangs. She should grow thicker skin.


Shopping Halp, Plz!


What does I getz the kitteh who has everythings?

O hai! Iz Pinkie here!

My little sister, Possum, will be 14 very soon! (January 27, in fact, Pinkie – Mum) She iz already very spoilt, but I want to give her something specials because she iz specials. I am using Mum and Dad’s credit cards, so I have unlimited funds to spend. (WHAT?! I said “unlimited fun“, Pinkie! – Mum).

What do you think of these gift ideaz?

Do you has a suggestion for me? Iz really okay if iz something we both can use. Possum won’t mind sharing. She is awsum that way. \o/


Seriously Kewt

IMG_0600IMG_0605 IMG_0606

We iz kewts even when we iz sleepy, no? Yes, we iz!


Magic Carpet

Please to be quiet! Possum iz getting her beauty sleeps! KTHXBYE!

Zzzzzz! Shhh, Pinkie! Zzzzzzz!

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