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Staring Contest

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The (Computer) Mousetrap


The so-called Magic Mouse cannot possibly escape my evil clutches!


We’re Back!

Please excuse our absence on the internets during the past few weeks. Mum was very ill with the flu.  We nursed her back to health and we’re glad we did not fall victim to her disease.


Here I am demonstrating the well-known ‘dead weight’ treatment. It is especially useful for guardians who have been ordered to rest. Simply drape yourself on the sick guardian with little regard for their comfort. They will soon grow numb anyway.


Goodbye, flu. Don’t come back.

No Exit

No Exit


Silly Pinkie still thinks there is a secret passageway between the glass door and the sliding door! His evil plan to raid neighbourhood cats’ crunchie bowls is foiled again.


The Toy Thief


When Possum got her 14th birthday prezent, she said, “Do not want.”
So now I can has it! Yay! x Pinkie

Bon voyage to Cousin Pixel, who recently set sail from the US west coast and is on her way to Australia. (With a few exotic pit stops along the way). Being a feline, she’s well qualified to supervise the human underlings aboard the yacht. During the months of preparation for her journey, Pixel took lessons in the dog cat paddle, and a tres chic life jacket ensemble was added to her wardrobe — perfect for those long sunny days on deck.

Good luck, Pixel! You are our Cat Hero of the Day!



This is not Pixel, btw. Just another anonymous and thoroughly amusing lolcat.

A Few of Possum’s Fa-vour-ite Things


A little bit of cream on Sundays.

pet mouse

My pet mouse.


Playing stair games with my pet mouse.
My mouth is wide open and ready to trap him.

Cat treats

Heart-shaped treats. Treats of any shape are always welcome.


This? This is NOT my favourite thing. It was my birthday present, but it is full of suck because it has a fluffy tail. It is now Pinkie’s favourite thing.

Compulsory Rest Stops

Pinkie and me have been very busy helping Mum with her writing job. She works very hard. I am afraid for her occupational health and safety. She must take proper rest breaks wherever and whenever possible. Here is a sample of my recommended break schedule:


2:00 – 10-minute nap


2:15 – 10-minute nap


2:30 – 10-minute nap


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