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Possum, You Has a Flavour!


But…your fur does not taste kwite as gud as teh crunchies. Soz. xPinkie


Pinkie’s Treasure Chest


I has found teh treasure chest of golden ballz!

Talk a lot.

No can has, Pinkie!!!! That’s chocolate, and chocolate is full of danger for cats.
We must give it to Mum immediately. She will know what to do with it…


Bummerz. Well, thank u for saving one of my nine lives, Possum.
I iz very glad dere iz a plastik force-field around teh dangerous golden balls.

To find out which foods are full of danger for cats, click here. You are welcome.


Hark! The Neighbour’s Barbeque is Sizzling!


I wonder if they will give a cat a T-bone.

A Few of Possum’s Fa-vour-ite Things


A little bit of cream on Sundays.

pet mouse

My pet mouse.


Playing stair games with my pet mouse.
My mouth is wide open and ready to trap him.

Cat treats

Heart-shaped treats. Treats of any shape are always welcome.


This? This is NOT my favourite thing. It was my birthday present, but it is full of suck because it has a fluffy tail. It is now Pinkie’s favourite thing.

You Say Tomato…


I sayz dis is a weed!

We dedicates dis post to a special sausage dog (Pinkie, the politically correct terms are Dachshund or hot dog! ~ Possum) who was a very gud friend to our babysitter, Uncle Sweet P.

Farewells, Cousin Sausage Dog! Teh way you sat upright on teh couch liek a meerkat made us laugh a lot.


Mum has temporarily turned off the comments because she thinks we are internetting too much. If we behave, she might turn them back on again. We hope you will still find time to “like” our posts. Beautiful pictures of us will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, unless we have important news that cannot possibly wait till Monday, Wednesday or Friday. KTHXBYE!


P.P.S. Dun’t forgets we iz still on the Facebook and the Twitter. We sneaks up in those places when Mummy isn’t looking. Hee-hee!


Biting the Hand that Feeds Us


I am 14 years and two days old today!


Mum still hand-feeds me special crunchy treats.


Pinkie always goes the extra mile to get his daily crunchy treat. Here he is standing on his hind legs as if he’s a meerkat and not a mere cat.

Mum apologises for the blurry shots — it was hard for her to take photos while trying to avoid being punctured by our fangs. She should grow thicker skin.


Pinkie Noms Best

O gud! Possum iz looking teh other way! Tee-hee!

– Nom! Nom! Nom!
No, no, no, Pinkie!

You See?

Srsly, Pinkie, you have very bad table manners.
Mum and Dad will send you to finishing school in Switzerland if you’re not careful!

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