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Beautiful Strangers


Think you can fool me with this poor representation of a mouse?
I wasn’t born yesterday, sonny. Matter of fact, I was born 19 years ago!

Meet Cousin Elsa. At 19, she’s justified and she’s ancient, and in the words of Pinklepurr, quite a “foxy lady.”

Many people are obsessed with converting cat years into human years, so for your benefit, I have figured out Elsa is 93. Soon she will qualify for a telegram from the Queen. I have a ways to go before my 100th birthday — I am only 73 after all.

Here is some important information on how to take good care of 73-year-old cats, which I intend to show Mum and Dad ASAP. I don’t have a second to lose at this rate!



A Few of Possum’s Fa-vour-ite Things


A little bit of cream on Sundays.

pet mouse

My pet mouse.


Playing stair games with my pet mouse.
My mouth is wide open and ready to trap him.

Cat treats

Heart-shaped treats. Treats of any shape are always welcome.


This? This is NOT my favourite thing. It was my birthday present, but it is full of suck because it has a fluffy tail. It is now Pinkie’s favourite thing.

Happee 14th Birthday, Possum!

Today iz mah lil’ sister Possum’s birthday! I remember teh day Mum and Dad brought her home like it was 14 years ago. Possum took one look at me and screamed, “Do not like!” continuously for two days. But I did not care. I sang, “You’re gonna love me!” right back to her. I watched over her like the hawk. Now we iz bestest friends and siblings.

Here are my favourite photos of Possum:

I'm 14 years old today!



Will you join me in singing the happee birthday song to Possum?


Shopping Halp, Plz!


What does I getz the kitteh who has everythings?

O hai! Iz Pinkie here!

My little sister, Possum, will be 14 very soon! (January 27, in fact, Pinkie – Mum) She iz already very spoilt, but I want to give her something specials because she iz specials. I am using Mum and Dad’s credit cards, so I have unlimited funds to spend. (WHAT?! I said “unlimited fun“, Pinkie! – Mum).

What do you think of these gift ideaz?

Do you has a suggestion for me? Iz really okay if iz something we both can use. Possum won’t mind sharing. She is awsum that way. \o/


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