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Beautiful Strangers


Think you can fool me with this poor representation of a mouse?
I wasn’t born yesterday, sonny. Matter of fact, I was born 19 years ago!

Meet Cousin Elsa. At 19, she’s justified and she’s ancient, and in the words of Pinklepurr, quite a “foxy lady.”

Many people are obsessed with converting cat years into human years, so for your benefit, I have figured out Elsa is 93. Soon she will qualify for a telegram from the Queen. I have a ways to go before my 100th birthday — I am only 73 after all.

Here is some important information on how to take good care of 73-year-old cats, which I intend to show Mum and Dad ASAP. I don’t have a second to lose at this rate!



Beautiful Stranger – Ginger Cat

Mum takes random photos of cats she sees around the city. Sometimes they follow her home like she’s Dr. Dolittle. I am forbidding her from talking to strangers. It is very dangerous. The only dolittles and cats allowed in this household are Pinkie and me.





I can has sum of your crunchies, plz, Possum?

You See?



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