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Making Faces

Pinkie's Smile

I iz teh face of evil!

Tee-hee! I iz joking! I iz teh face of fun! Right, Possum?


Wrong. But I will say you have a funny face. :p


Biting the Hand that Feeds Us


I am 14 years and two days old today!


Mum still hand-feeds me special crunchy treats.


Pinkie always goes the extra mile to get his daily crunchy treat. Here he is standing on his hind legs as if he’s a meerkat and not a mere cat.

Mum apologises for the blurry shots — it was hard for her to take photos while trying to avoid being punctured by our fangs. She should grow thicker skin.


Beautiful Stranger – Ginger Cat

Mum takes random photos of cats she sees around the city. Sometimes they follow her home like she’s Dr. Dolittle. I am forbidding her from talking to strangers. It is very dangerous. The only dolittles and cats allowed in this household are Pinkie and me.





I can has sum of your crunchies, plz, Possum?

You See?



Happee 14th Birthday, Possum!

Today iz mah lil’ sister Possum’s birthday! I remember teh day Mum and Dad brought her home like it was 14 years ago. Possum took one look at me and screamed, “Do not like!” continuously for two days. But I did not care. I sang, “You’re gonna love me!” right back to her. I watched over her like the hawk. Now we iz bestest friends and siblings.

Here are my favourite photos of Possum:

I'm 14 years old today!



Will you join me in singing the happee birthday song to Possum?


Possum’s Got a Brand-New Box

Dad bought a new guitar, and you know what that means? A new box for meeee! I am filled with glee!


Careful – I am very agile and fragile. The guitar can sleep somewhere else.


Shopping Halp, Plz!


What does I getz the kitteh who has everythings?

O hai! Iz Pinkie here!

My little sister, Possum, will be 14 very soon! (January 27, in fact, Pinkie – Mum) She iz already very spoilt, but I want to give her something specials because she iz specials. I am using Mum and Dad’s credit cards, so I have unlimited funds to spend. (WHAT?! I said “unlimited fun“, Pinkie! – Mum).

What do you think of these gift ideaz?

Do you has a suggestion for me? Iz really okay if iz something we both can use. Possum won’t mind sharing. She is awsum that way. \o/


Seriously Kewt

IMG_0600IMG_0605 IMG_0606

We iz kewts even when we iz sleepy, no? Yes, we iz!


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